Bryce Allan

Bryce Allan’s musical journey continues to be unique, from musical theatre to jazz to opera to country music.  Bryce Allan calls Victoria, BC, home, a special place where he can be passionate about the songs he writes.  With his debut album set to release in Fall 2017, Bryce Allan keeps busy gaining experience at local venues whether it’s at weddings, charity events, or open mic nights.  Most often Bryce plays a solo act but has slowly been adding a four piece band as he incorporates more modern country to his classic country sound.

"I generally don't like to give new artists advice, they have to prove themselves first.  But Bryce keep doing what you're doing and we will be in touch."

"Bryce Allan sure chose his career well."

"I found myself singing your song 'Rewind' at work and a coworker thought they heard it on the radio already. Please keep writing."




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